28 Februari 2010

Sinewave Background Effect

Steps to create this sinewave background effect:

  • Open the new flash document and set the dimensions for your background.
  • Create three layers in the layers panel name it as 'bg' layer, 'sine wave' layer and 'text' layer.
  • Select the 1st frame in 'bg' layer, draw the background using rectangle tool, either is a gradient fill or solid fill.
  • Select 1st frame in the 'sine wave' layer, draw the sine wave using the pen tool.
  • Select 1st frame in the 'text' layer, import the image or write a text using text tool.
  • Go to the 'sine wave' layer select a sine wave, and convert the sine wave in to a movie clip symbol
  • Double click that movie clip symbol, press F6 in the 10th frame, Then go to (Modify>>Transform>>Flip Vertical), then select any frame between 1-10th frame, go to the Properties panel (F3) select shape from the tween.
  • Go to scene1 copy the movie clip three times and arrange the move clip one after another, select the entire movie clip and convert all movie clip symbol in to single movie clip 'mc'. Now double click that 'mc' move clip and select all 'smc' movie clip then distribute all movie clips into different layers.

  • Go to first layer, press F6 (right click >>Insert Keyframe) in the 10 th frame, to move the 'smc', then go to frame between 1 -10, (right click>> Create Motion... ) from popup menu. Do the same process in other 'smc' also.
  • Save and test the movie press (Ctrl+Enter).
by : http://www.smartwebby.com/

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