28 Februari 2010

Shape Hint Effect

Steps to create the above shape hint effect:

  • Insert the movie clip 'mc'.
  • Create a layer in the layers panel and name the layer as 'Text'. In the 1st frame of the 'Text' layer select a Text Tool(T), write a letter say 'A', and press (Ctrl+B) to break the text.
  • Go to the 10th frame in the 'Text' layer, press F7 or (right click >> Insert Blank Key frame). Now we are in the 10th frame of the 'Text' layer and write another letter (as you like) we have written 'T', again press (Ctrl+B) to break the text.
  • Select any frame in between frame 1 - frame 10 of the 'Text' layer, then go to Properties Panel, select shape from Tweening.

  • Now go to frame 1 of the 'Text' layer, then go to (Modify>>Shape>>Add Shape Hint).

  • Place the hint (red color circle) where you want regarding how you change the shape over another text.
  • Go to scene 1, drag 'mc' from library.
  • Save and test the movie press (Ctrl+Enter).
by : http://www.smartwebby.com/

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