28 Februari 2010

Flash Sound Button

Follow the steps given below to create a flash button with sound:

Including sound files in Flash Buttons

  1. Create a simple Button and enter into its symbol-editing mode. The timeline header changes to display four consecutive frames labeled Up, Over, Down, and Hit as shown below.

    Fig: Symbol-editing Mode of Button

  2. Insert a Keyframe (F6) in the Over frame to duplicate the contents of the Up frame and change the color of the object in the Over frame.
  3. Import the sound file (Ctrl + R), add a new layer for sound and select the imported sound file from the Sound Panel of the Properties window.

    Fig: Button showing sound in a Layer

  4. Now insert frame (F5) for the Down frame and the Hit frame (this frame is not visible, but only defines the area of the button that responds to mouse events).
  5. Save your work and test the Movie (Ctrl + Enter). That's it now your button can play music during mouse-overs.

by : http://www.smartwebby.com/

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