28 Februari 2010

Advanced Buttons

Create a Flash ActionScript Button

Steps to create this actionscript button effect (can be used for website links):

  • Open the new flash document.
  • Create a button and name this instance as Button then go to symbol-editing mode.
  • Add new layer, draw the simple button and convert in to movie clip symbol (pressF8) then go to symbol editing mode.
  • Press F6 or (right click >> insert key Frame) on 10th and 20th frame and then reduce that alpha value at 1st and 20th frame.
  • Select middle of the frame between 1-10 then go to property panel, select shape tween from that pop up. Do the same process between 10-20th frame.
  • Add new layer above the tweening layer then press F6 (right click >> insert key Frame) on 10th and 20th frame.
  • Select 1st frame then go to action panel (press F9) stop this action, similarly do that process on 10th and 20th frame.
  • Go to button editing mode,add new layer, name this layer as text, and make sure that text layer always above the movie clip layer.
  • Go to scene1, and select the button then press F9, copy and paste the following code.

  • on (rollOver)
    _root.Button.instance1.gotoAndPlay (2);
    } on (rollOut)
    _root.Button.instance1.gotoAndPlay (11);

  • Save and test the movie Press( Ctrl+Enter).

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