02 Juni 2009

Basics of PageMaker - 01

Paper Orientation

You can set paper in two ways, portrait is one in which the paper is used with the longer size in the vertical direction. If we interchange the directions, we get the Landscape Orientation.

Starting PageMaker

Click the Start button.
Select Programs.
From the Programs Menu select Adobe.
In the Adobe Menu select PageMaker 6.5.
Click Adobe PageMaker 6.5.
The PageMaker window is displayed.

PageMaker Environment

Menu Bar The standard menu bar contains all the main menus for File, Layout, Element and other utilities.
Ruler The top and left ruler bars helps you to precisely position the cursor, text, and graphics in the page. The Current Cursor location is shown by two dotted lines in the rulers. To view the rulers select View > Show Rulers.
Master Page Icon The Master Page icon shows the position of the master Pages. Clicking it will display the Master Page. Master Pages contain text, graphics, layout and settings, which are common, thought the publication.
Page Icon The Page icon shows the list of pages in the publication with the currently selected page in black. Clicking a particular page icon will display the selected page.
Pasteboard Surrounding the page is an area of white space called the Pasteboard. It is used to store graphics and texts as you work. Items you place on the pasteboard are visible from any page and can be selected and moved regardless of the page you are currently working on.

File Menu

New New command is used to create a new publication. This command gives rise to a dialog box where you define the various options before opening a new page of the publication.
Open Open allow you to open an existing PageMaker file.
Save Save command saves the current publication. To save all the open files, press the shift key while choosing the Save option.
Revert Revert command rolls back all the changes made since the last save. It is the same as closing the publishing, without saving and opening it again.
Place Place command is used to place text and graphics into the publication.
Acquire The Acquire command is used to scan an image into your publication.
Export Export command lets you export your publications into the format you select.

Edit Menu

Paste Multiple Paste Multiple lets you paste multiple copies of text or graphics.
Paste Special Paste Special is used to specify the format to use when you paste an object into your publication.
Insert Object Insert Object is used to specify the format to be used to insert an OLE embedded object within a PageMaker publication.
Edit Story Edit Story is used to toggle between the word processing mode and the layout mode.

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