02 Juni 2009

Basics of PageMaker - 02

Layout Menu

Sort Pages When you select Sort Pages command, a dialog box appears with all the pages of the publication. You can rearrange the pages in the publication graphically.
Column Guides Column Guides lets you divide the pages of the publication into different columns of equal size.
Auto Flow Auto flow is used to flow the text onto the pages of the publications on its own from a loaded text icon. It flows the text into pages from columns to columns and also adds pages on its own depending on the availability of text.

Type Menu

Define Styles This option will present you a dialog box with the list of styles used in the publication. You can add, modify and delete styles from this dialog box.

Element Menu

Frame Frame has options for frame alignment, position and margins.
Align Objects Align Objects lets you align multiple objects relative to each other.
Link Options Link Options is used to define whether the linked text or graphic is to be updated along with the publication in use and also its frequency.

Utilities Menu

Plug-ins Plug-ins has a list of sub commands, which lists out the various plug-ins, which have been included with PageMaker as additions.

View Menu

Display Master Items Display Master Items toggle the display of items from the master pages to be reflected in the current page of the publication.
Display Non-Printing Items Display Non-Printing items toggle the display of non-printing items.

Window Menu

Show Tools Hide/Show tools toggles the display of PageMaker toolbar.
Show Control Palette Show/Hide Control Panel toggles the display of control panel on the screen.
Show Colors Show/Hide Colors Toggles the display of the Color Palette on the screen.
Show Styles Show/Hide Styles toggles the display of the Styles Palette on the screen.
Show Layers Show/Hide Layers toggles the display of the Layers Palette on the screen.
Show Master Pages Show/Hide Master Pages toggles the display of the Master Pages Palette on the screen.
Show Hyperlinks Show/Hide Hyperlinks toggles the display of the Hyperlink Palette on the screen.

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