02 Juni 2009

Basics of PageMaker - 03

Understanding Pagemaker Tools


Toolbox contains all the tools used to create a publication in PageMaker. Choose Window and select Show Tools to display the toolbox. The individual tools will be explained in detail later in this session.

Zero Position

Zero Position allows you to set the zero position on the screen. Zero position is the position, where both the top and the left side rulers are at zero. By Zero positioning all measurements in the pages are made relative to this point. Click it and drag it to anywhere on the workspace to set it as the Zero Point

Pointer Tool

Pointer tool is used to pick, drag and drop graphics and text.

Text Tool

Text Tool is used to edit and select text and insert text frames. Click the text tool and click anywhere in the document and start entering text. The text tool creates a free flowing text box

Rotate Tool

Rotate tool is used to rotate text and graphic objects. Click the rotate tool, then click on the object reference point and drag to rotate the object.

Crop Tool

The Crop tool is used to crop imported graphic images to the required size. The crop tool only works on TIFF type of images. Click on the toll and, drag the image handles, to crop the image.

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