28 April 2010

Through a Crystal Ball Effect

Learn to give a through-a-crystal-ball effect in Photoshop. This effect looks great on images!
The Spherize filter gives objects a 3D effect by wrapping a selection around a spherical shape, distorting the image, and stretching it to fit the sphere.

Step 1
Open an image on your canvas by clicking on File>Open and browse for the image you want to open.

Step 2
Make a circular selection using the Marquee tool on the part of the image that you would like to give the crystal ball effect.
Step 3
Click on Filter>Distort>Spherize The Spherize window opens. Give the settings as seen in the screenshot on the right.
Amount - 100%
Mode - Normal
Click on OK.
The image inset will be in the shape of a sphere, here's the final image!

Source : www.entheosweb.com

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