21 April 2010

3D Box Logo with transparent sides

Start a new document in photoshop

Size should be 500 X 500 pixels
Background color: White

Then Select rectangle tool and create a shape ( hold the SHIFT key when you are drawing the shape - in this way your shape will be a perfect square)

Press on CTRL+T and rotate the shape to 45 degrees

This is the result

Then change the vertical scale with the move tool

Then go to Edit > Distort and move the corners of the shape similar with mine

Then Duplicate the shape ( CTRL+J ) and place the other shape like in the following image

This shape will be deleted at the end of tutorial, because we don't need it

Now select Pen Tool ( change the foreground color to another color.
I will use a red color, i am using this color because it will be easier for me to explain later

With the pen tool make the following path

Then place the red shape under the top shape of the box

Then create another part of the box ( with Pen Tool ) - i will use a blue color

Now create the front sides of the box ( use the same tool - Pen Tool )
I will use a yellow color for the left side

Then lower the opacity to 50 % for this yellow shape

Then create the right side with another color ( i will use green ) I will also change the opacity to 50 %

Now delete the top side of the box

Now hide all the Red/Green/Yellow/Blue layers

Now with Type Tool , create some letters, or you can use another shape. it is your choice

Add the following layer styles

This is my result

Now press on the small eye icons from your layer palette. We will make all the layers visible

Now we will need to change the layer order in your layer palette
Drag the text layer under the green and the yellow layer

This is result

Now you can hide the Green . and the yellow shape ( press on the small eye icon again )

Now it is time for reflection
Duplicate the text layer, then go to Layer > rasterize > Type

Then go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical
With your down arrow key place the layer like in the following image

Now Hold Down the CTRL key and with your left mouse button press on the black layer thumbnail ( the first shape from our tutorial )

You will notice that a selection will be visible

Go to Select > Inverse
Select the layer with the reflection

Then press the Delete key from your keyboard

Now press CTRL+D to deselect

Now we will change the colors of the box sides
First we will work on the Red shape layer.

Please add the following layer styles

This is the result

Now add the following layer styles for the blue shape

This is the result

Now make the green layer and yellow layer visible

Now we will apply a layer style for the yellow shape

This is the result

Now add the following layer style for the green shape

This is the result

Now select all the layers without the background layer, and drag then to the "Create new layer" button from the bottom of the layer palette
This will duplicate all the layers

Then with all the duplicate layers selected press on CTRL+E ( This will merge all the layers into a single one )
Then hide all the layers except the merged layer , and the background layer

be sure you have selected the merged layer. and go to Edit > transform > Perspective

and drag the right corner to the middle. See the red arrow to see what i am talking about

Do not forget to hit Enter

Now we will create a shadow. Grab Ellipse Tool, and create a simple circle
Pace the layer under the logo

Then rasterize the layer. To rasterize go to Layer > rasterize > Shape
Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur
Use the following settings

Then you can change the opacity to 50 %

This is the result

The last step is to select the 2 layers from the top and resize them a little, for a real effect

source : www.talk-mania.com

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