15 Maret 2010

Convert to Paths Text Effect

Convert to Paths Text Effect with Adobe Fireworks CS3 or below

Color Palette - Convert to Paths Text Effect


Follow the steps given below that will show to convert text to a path:

  • Step 1: Type any text (as you like) using Text Tool text tool, then select the text go to Text >> Convert to Paths (Ctrl+shift+P). Now the text will be converted to path. Once you converted to path you can't change the Font, Font Size, Font Weight and the text will be grouped.
  • Step 2: Then we are going to apply some gradient effect to the text. For these we need to select the text choose the following options:
    a. Select the Fill Color go to Fill category >> select Gradient >> Choose Linear option
    b. Now click the Fill color, and then click on the small color rectangle that is on the left side and set its color to #000000.
    c. After that, click on the small color rectangle that is on the right side and set its color to #FF0000. See the illustration below that will describe how the linear effect will appear:
  • convert to path

  • Step 3: To edit each text select the Subselection Tool subselection tool and click the text. Then click the Pointer Tool pointer tool and edit each text individually by adjusting the handles appears on or near the object. See the image below that will show how the text is edited using the handles:
  • Step 4: To apply shadow effect, click the text. Now on the right side of the properties window, you will find filters, click over the + symbol and choose Drop Shadow from Shadow and Glow. Click on the tiny blue circle with "i" next to the Drop Shadow filter (Edit and arrange live filters button) and set the following values for the filter: Opacity30%, Softness3, Angle315, Distance4, Color - #000000. The text will look as below:
  • Convert to Paths Text Effect

    Congratulations! You have now learnt how to convert text to paths.

    by : http://www.smartwebby.com/

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