13 Februari 2010

Putting text over video in PowerPoint

1. Install PowerPlugs:Video Backgrounds Player using industry standard installer.
2. Start PowerPoint. Now you’ll see a new floating palette.

3. Install video backgrounds from Digital Hotcakes. (You can bring in your video files as long as they are an AVI, WMV, or MPEG) Click on Add Video Background from palette shown above. Then the following window will appear.Click on Browse to locate content.

4. Add a video background to your slide with a backdrop (A opaque or semi- transparent rectangle or other shape that sits between your text and the video background for emphasis).

Or add a video background to your slide without a backdrop.

5. Just as you normally do, add text, clip art, charts, or images to slide.

6.Click on View Show with Effects to see slide play.

by : http://www.animationsforvideo.com/

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