13 Februari 2010

Creating a Video Slideshow in PowerPoint

You can use Powerpoint to create a video slideshow for live event projections. This tutorial will show you how to loop the video for each slide and to set the slide duration using Powerpoint 2000. For best results, set your monitor to 800x600 resolution to avoid over scaling of the video files

1. Start Powerpoint, select a blank presentation with a blank slide. 2. Insert a movie from File...Select any AVI file

3. Answer YES to the following message:

4. Resize the movie to fit the slide.
5. Go under Slide Show Custom Animation for settings

6. Set the settings as shown below, then click on the More Options button.

7. Put a check in the Loop until stopped then press OK and then OK again.

8. Insert as many blank slides as you need and repeat steps 2-7 for each slide.
9. Now we need to go back and set the timing for each slide. If you are playing music, you could play a different slide for every song. You’ll need to know in minutes and seconds how long you want each slide to play to complete the following steps.
10. Select a slide from the left window, then Slide Show Slide Transition...

11. Put a check in Automatically After then type in how long you want this slide to play in minutes and seconds. Click on the Apply button,
12. Repeat steps 10-11 for the remaining slides.

by : http://www.animationsforvideo.com/

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