19 Januari 2010

Windows 7 tours gets animated Silverlight browser

Those fun and quirky animated characters at the beginning of every Windows 7 tour video released earlier are back to do more of what they do best, animate! Replacing a static imagery, the new Windows 7 tours page now features a fancier Silverlight player that does a little more than just play videos. Once loaded, each of the four “features” come to life when you hover over them.

Now I know I’m writing about fluff but the reason I’m keeping a sharp eye on these animated characters is because their production value is unusually high if for just a brief video introduction or website animation. I’m going to go out on a digital limb and predict we’ll be seeing more of these guys in the Windows 7 advertising campaigns to come.

Update: Thanks to a heads up from commenter “Martin”, this is the work of Digital Kitchen.

by :http://www.windowsvistaplace.com/windows-7-tours-gets-animated-silverlight-browser/

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