03 Juni 2009

Working with Text - 04

Formatting Text

Changing Font Sizes In PageMaker, by default the type size is 12 points but you can change the size as often as you like using the Control Palette. The Control Palette can be activated or deactivated from the Window menu.

Changing Typeface Styles There are ten different styles for any typeface. They are Normal, Bold, Italic, Underline, Reverse, Strikethrough, Small caps, All caps, Super script and Sub script.

Changing Character Specifications The Character Specifications dialog box allows you to choose several type attributes in one step. This dialog box can be opened by double clicking the Text tool.

Kerning and Tracking

PageMaker provides three types of kerning.

Automatic pair kerning Automatic pair kerning adjusts the space between certain character pairs, based on the kerning information that's built into the font.
Manual kerning Manual kerning lets you kern any range of text, from one character pair to a whole story, using cursor keys or by using the Control palette.
Expert kerning Expert kerning calculates a manual kerning value for every character pair in a selected range of text.


Tracking is similar to kerning in that it deals with the horizontal space between letters. PageMaker includes five built-in tracks from Very Loose to Very Tight. To set the required track, first select the text.

Click the Window menu.

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