03 Juni 2009

Working with Text - 03

Text Basics

Placing Text

Click on Edit Menu.

Select Edit Story.

Type "Demo for Placing Text". Click on Story.

Select Close Story.

PageMaker displays an alert message that says, "The story has not been placed." Click the place button to place the story.

PageMaker displays a loaded text icon. Click the icon to flow text into the frame or column you click on.

Text Objects, Stories and Editors

Understanding text objects and stories Text in PageMaker is part of a story. A story can be a single letter or several pages of text and can be contained in a single text object or threaded through many different objects.

Layout Editors and Story Editors Text blocks that are threaded together in the Layout Editor comprise the same story in the Story Editor. A text block may be split among several pages in the Layout Editor, but it appears as a continuous story in the Story Editor.
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