02 Mei 2010

Cool Photoshop Effects

Glow Effect

Change the lighting effect of any image using the Lighting filter.
  • Open an image on your canvas by clicking on File>Open, select the image you want to open and click on 'Open'.
  • Click on Filter>Render>Lighting Effects . The Lighting Effects window opens, change only the Light type to 'Omni' let the other settings be the default. If you wish to, try changing the default values and check out the result effect.

Disfigure/Distort an Image

  • Open an image which you want to disfigure.
  • Select Filter>Liquify. The Liquify window opens, a circular cursor with a plus sign appears. Drag this tool on your image and play around till you are satisfied with what you've done to the image. Then click OK.

Stained Glass Effect

  • Open an image on your canvas by clicking on File>Open and select the image you want to open, then click 'Open'. The effect looks good only on bitmap images, but you can try it out on photos too. The effect varies for different images.
  • Click on Filter>Texture>Stained Glass the Stained Glass window appears, give the following properties : Cell size - 5, Border Thickness - 1, Light Intensity - 0. Then click on OK.
Ripple Effect
Give a ripple effect to an image using filters
  • Open an image on your canvas.
  • Click on Filter>Distort>Zigzag. The ZigZag window will open.
  • Give the settings as follows : Amount - 6, Ridges - 14, Style - Pond Ripples and click OK. Here's your final image.

source : www.entheosweb.com

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