16 Februari 2010

What do you know about Coccinella Messenger

1. Avatar menu
The avatar menu allows you to easily change your avatar.

2. Messenger vs Coccinella
Which interface is best structured? Which interface focusses on the conversation and allows you to see the most messages? What can still be done in your opinion to improve Coccinella's usability? Add a comment if you have any suggestion!

3. Russian
Do you know i18n, l10n, g11n, p13n, m17n, r3h and a11y? Maybe you better understand the terms 'internationalization', 'localization', 'globalization', 'personalization', 'multilingualization', 'reach', and 'accessibility'? Well, the Coccinella project loves all these terms.

4. Services

You can discover a Jabber server's features and services. Interacting with transports and other components is also one of the posibilities.

Interact with Jabber foreign instant messaging systems, including ICQ, MSN Messenger and AIM. This usually includes registering accounts.
Via the conference service you may browse the present chat rooms, and the participating users. This service also allows you to create your own chat rooms.

5. Emoticon sets
You can import emoticon sets in the jisp format.

6. Tabbed interface

Coccinella has support for tabbed chat sessions and tabbed chatrooms. Remark that you can set a different presence in a chatroom than the presence state, than your global presence.

7. Message inbox

Coccinella provides you an inbox for messages, just as any email client does. The messages are stored between sessions, in case you didn't deleted them. Replying and forwarding a message is just as straightforward as in any email client.

8. Contact list
You can subscribe to other users' presence, and users subscribe to your presence. If you are connected to a server, all people who subscribed to your presence may see if you are online or offline. It is possible to organize users into different groups. From the contact list you can send messages to individual contacts, including the ones that are offline, start a one-to-one chat, start a whiteboard session, amongst others. Moreover, you can see which of your online contacts support whiteboard and Internet telephony (VoIP) sessions.

9. Clean contact list style
You want to get the most of your 13 inch laptop screen? In this case you can customize Coccinella so that nearly all space available is dedicated to your contacts.

10. Renaming
By slow double clicking on a contact in your list, you can rename that contact.

11. Coccinella vs MSN
Which interface looks the best? How can Coccinella's interface be improved? Feedback welcome in a comment!

12. Whiteboard

The whiteboard is instantly synchronised between all participants. Yes, you can organise a whiteboard session with more than two people. Just open a whiteboard session to a Multi-User Chat chatroom and all participants will receive an invitation to your whiteboard session.

13. Message reply

Replying and forwarding a message is just as straightforward as in any email client.

by : http://thecoccinella.org/

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