23 Februari 2010

Web Design Ideas

Take a look at a variety of ready-made website templates to get some great web design ideas!

Here are some cool web design ideas you can use while designing your next web site. These are some ideas that we've used for our clients. Hope you find them useful!

Swap Images Food templateFamily TemplateBusiness TemplateChristian Template

Swap Images

Swap images look fantastic and are also great fun to design, so try and use them if possible. Visitors find this interactive and interesting. Illy Collection Cups and Business Template 3 are example of a site we have designed using swap images. Fireworks makes it very easy to design web sites with swap images. Click here to learn just how easy it is!

Rollover Images

Rollover Images

Rollovers are another favorite. We try to use rollovers whenever possible - they are extremely simple and add a bit of class to a web site. If you don't want to use too many images that will result in a slower load time make sure you use text rollovers (Our menu on the right is an example of simple text rollovers). Examples of rollover images we have designed can be seen in Business Template 1.

Learn how to create image rollovers in Dreamweaver and Fireworks.


If you have sub menus or complex navigation systems, use DHTML. They look neat and are again very simple to use. Many sites offer free DHTML scripts for menus, navigation systems, tip boxes and more. They give you detailed instructions on how to use these scripts so it is really very easy to install. A good site is SimplyTheBest. Check out the cool scripts available! Click here to view an example of a sliding menu navigation system. Click on the links in black to view the sliding menus.


Though we don't recommend designing an entire site in Flash it may be a good idea to make an interesting Flash intro or insert small Flash animations in important pages of your site. Always take care to optimize your our Flash animations. Take a look at some great looking Flash intro animations.

Eye Catching Graphics

Eye Catching Graphics

Design eye-catching graphics to make your site stand out from the ordinary web sites. Try out some cool graphic effects - collages, feathering, bevels etc. and design attractive headers for a web site. Check out some innovative graphic headers in our ready-made template section.

More Web Graphic Design Ideas

Use Tables Creatively

Check out our article on Using Tables Creatively. Design simple but smart web sites by just using tables in different ways. We recommend using tables because they are plain html and therefore don't take much time to load. As you know time is of essence on the Internet so it really is no use designing a fantastic graphic intensive web site that will take ages to load. On the other hand with cable and high modem speeds we can afford to design sites that are a combination of all the above ideas :)

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Hope you enjoyed this article. Don't miss our web graphic design ideas. Take a look at our web design portfolio for more great design ideas.

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