09 Februari 2010

Snowing Blizzard Tutorial

Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials

In this beginners photoshop cs tutorial we will create a blizzard with the touch of a hard snowfall. To do this we will use some simple photoshop filters, blurs and blending effects.

Snowing Photoshop Images Effect

1. Open an image that you would like to manipulate. Make sure your image is in RGB mode. To check this, go to Image under the menu bar - Mode - RGB Color.
Make a duplicate of this layer as you will be working on this layer going forward.

2. Now we will apply a "Pointilize Filter" To do this go to Filter > Pixelate > Pointilize Filter
Select cell size to 6.

3. We will have to adjust the Threshold. Open your Layers Palette by going to Windows > Layers. Select the layer and click on the threshold icon. Set the level to 255.

4. After you have done this, Merge the threshold layer with the duplicated layer.

5. Change the layer blend to screen as illustrated below.

5. At this stage we will apply a "Motion Blur". To do this go to Filter > Blur > Motion Blur. Use angle of -45 and distance of 15.

That is all... nice and easy! Please feel free to take a look at some of my other tutorials.

by : http://www.photoshopcstutorial.com/

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