08 Februari 2010

Liquid Emboss Tutorial

Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

In this intermediate photoshop cs tutorial we will create a simple text effect that looks a lot harder then it is. It will appear to be liquid that has an embossed touch to it. To do this we use Text blending options with bevels and shadows along with some simple photoshop filters and blurs.

Liquid Emboss Photoshop Text Effect

1. Create a new 800x400 RGB file with white background and create a title using Blue text. You can use this color #1967e8. Center it on the page.

2. Duplicate the layer.

3. We will now be adding a few effects to the layer.

First apply an Inner Shadow with these values.

Now we will appy a Bevel.

4. Load the selection by going to Select > Load Selection and then go to Select > Modify > Border - Use the value 16

5. Create a new layer and stroke it with 2 pixels.

6. Go to filter > Stylize > Wind - One from Left and One from Right

7. Rotate the canvas to 90 degrees CW and apply Wind again - One from Left and One from Right

8. Add a drop shadow With the Blend Mode color set to #3674d9.

by : http://www.photoshopcstutorial.com/

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