08 Februari 2010

Embossed Material Tutorial

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In this advanced photoshop cs tutorial we will create dark punched out embossed text layered on top of blue a blue material surface. We will use photoshop text effects with blending options, photoshop filters and blurs to create this effect.

Embossed Material Photoshop Text Effect

1. Create a new 800x400 RGB file with white background and create a title using black text.

2. Rasterize the layer and then load it selection. Do this by selecting the layer then go to Select > Load Selection and select the Rasterized layer.

3. You will now apply a radial gradiant on this layer. Color 1: #bf8c54 Color 2: 594823

4. Filter > Pixalize > Crystalize at 90

5. Filter > Texture > Texterizer - Use the Texterizer pattern with values 100 and 4.

6. Load the Selection again and go to Filter > Render > Lighting Effects and use Spotlight.

7. Use a Inner Bevel effect on the layer with the following options.

8. Load the Selection again, go to Select > Modify > Border and use value of 16.

9. Then go to Edit > Stroke and use value of 2.

10. Now go to Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen More. Do this a total of three times.

11. Apply a drop shadow to the stroke with the following values.

12. Go to your background layer and apply a Radial Gradiant. Color 1: #354b9a Color 2: #111f52 and duplicate this background as you will be working on the duplicated layer from this point forward.

13. Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise

14. Filter > Pixalize > Crystalize at 10

15. Filter > Texture > Texterizer - Use the Craqelure pattern. Change the layer Blending to Luminosity and change the opacity to 60%

16. Filter > Renger > Lighting Effects and use the style Crossing.

17. Now go to the layer with the text and Brightness +10 contrast +30

18. Apply an outer glow with default settings.

by : http://www.photoshopcstutorial.com/

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