13 Februari 2010

Connect To Your MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ Messenger Everywhere - IM+ Messenger

IM+ Mobile Instant Messenger is a complete solution that allows users to exchange messages within the most popular IM systems (MSN, AOL, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber and Yahoo!) between mobile devices and PCs in real-time.;

IM+ users can use the same accounts on mobile devices and PC regardless of the mobile operator - it’s very convenient for using in business trips.


* Voice messaging enabled. Send and receive voice messages with IM+.

* Autostart. IM+ will start up automatically when users turn on their devices.

* Support requests. Send support requests directly from mobile devices.

* Global status. Set status for all IM services with one click.

* Set up melody alert. Select the melody for messages received. Select the melody when another user gets online.

* Message History. View correspondence with your contacts even when you’re offline.

* File transfer. Excellent alternative to MMS, send files over GPRS.

* Full presence status support. Set your own status to give your contacts an idea of your mood.

* You can see your contact’s status in dialog window.

* Contact list management functions including add/delete features.

* Layout aware. Screen renovation during the orientation change (portrait and landscape).

* Multiple dialog windows. Don’t miss a moment, chat with several buddies simultaneously.

* Smileys. Add emotions to your messages, a huge set of funny faces available.

* Multiple code pages support. Exchange messages in any language installed on a phone.

* Integrated help function. Easy to configure and easy to chat.

It’s Trial version

Download Link

by : http://symbianv3.com/

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