23 Januari 2010

When Innovation & Simplicity Meet Web Design

A website’s “visual appeal” is one of the most important factors when it comes to first impressions. Visitors make nearly instantaneous judgments that influence their decision on whether to stay and the site or bounce out of it right away.

When it comes to creating aesthetically appealing websites, you might be interested in taking a look at Wix. If you haven’t heard of Wix.com yet, let me introduce you: it’s a powerful Flash website builder that enables you to create and publish your own stunning custom Flash websites, mini-sites and other Flash content for free. More and more bloggers have also come to understand the importance of a well designed site. Many are now using Wix to add more dynamic designs into their blogs and also, to create their own custom standalone websites into which they add their RSS feeds. The connection between Wix and Bloggers couldn’t be more natural.

Similar to the Wordpress platform, Wix offers a powerful free web design solution.

At the heart of Wix is an intuitive drag and drop builder and an impressive range of fully customizable Flash templates. You can choose from templates or create Flash web content from scratch. All with a simple click, drag and drop. And then publish or embed in seconds. And you have the extra bonus of not having to do a single line of programming!

But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. In a bold innovation, everything created and published with the Wix Flash platform is search engine friendly. Their premium packages also offer you a way to connect to your own domain rather than be hosted under the Wix builder. And you can integrate Google analytics, remove Wix branding and much more.

Wix is great for everybody wanting to make a dynamic high quality web content – from designing Flash headers to mini-sites and sidebars, to websites. But combined with the skills of a blogger – it’s an all powerful solution waiting for your creativity!

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