27 Januari 2010

Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet Speed

Lots of broadband users regularly checks their broadband speed on internet sites. Among these broadband speed checking sites speedtest.net is mostly used,and based on its data the top countries with internet access based on the highest download speed are two asian countries i.e. South Korea and Japan. Before, Japan held the first position but it seems now Korea take over the place. These two countries do have only small difference. Even compared to the United States (U.S.) that have the most use on internet, Korea’s speed broadband is three times higher.
Here are top ten countries with the highest speed internet in the world:
1. South Korea 17187 kb/s
2. Japan 16,365 kb/s
3. Lithuania 11,295 kb/s
4. Sweden 11,280 kb/s
5. Romania 10,236 kb/s
6. Latvian 9,782 kb/s
7. Bulgaria 9,074 kb/s
8. Netherlands 8,734 kb/s
9. Germany 7,447 kb/s
10.Russian Federation 7,260 kb/s

United states themselves have only download speed of 6,198 kb/s and if you wanna know my internet speed then see the image its mine.

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