02 Juni 2009

Basics of PageMaker - 05

Polygon Tool

Polygon tool is used to draw a shape with more than four sides. You can modify the polygon by selecting Element and selecting Polygon Settings.

Polygon Frame

Polygon frame puts the text inside the polygon. Select the polygon frame tool, draw a polygon then select the text tool and click inside the frame to enter the text inside the polygon frame

Hand Tool

Hand tool is used to move the screen. This tool is very useful when you are working with large documents. It helps you to easily navigate in a large page. To move a screen, just select the hand tool and click and drag the page to view different parts of the page.

Zoom Tool

Zoom tool allows you to zoom in and out of the document view. By default the zoom tool will be in the zoom-in mode. To zoom out of page select the zoom tool and press control and click in the document window with the zoom tool.

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